Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Wiring

New Wiring


I had originally used a custom board from an Arduino project for the external guts for WebKeezer. But now I decided to put my relay expansion to use. The relays on the expansion are only capable of handling 2A so I'm still using the relay in the outlet box.

Temperature Probe Inputs

I've decided to simplify the wiring using phone connectors. The 1-Wire bus only requires a single resistor connecting Vcc to the digital input pin. This allows all inputs to come in through a single port using a phone line splitter. I soldered this together to avoid the need for extra perf board.
The phone cord I got has 6 wires (RJ25) but the jack I'm using has four pins (RJ14). I used black, red, green, for the ground, voltage, and 1-wire bus leaving the yellow wire for potentially reading a switch/button. (I should use the yellow wire for 1-wire bus and green for reading a switch so I can use normal 2-wire  RJ11 cable for switches.)

Float Switch RIP

The float switch didn't work too well. The cold environment made it too stiff. But I'm looking forward to using the new phone cord system when I get something else figured out.

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